The “Godfather” Of Value Investing


People often ask, “who did Warren Buffett learn from”?

Before working with Benjamin Graham, the “Godfather Of Value Investing”, Buffett read his authored books Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor.

Both books are suggested reading for aspiring value investors, although these books are difficult to understand for beginning investors. Security Analysis covers more of the technical side of stock analysis. But that’s why we are here, to simplify and to make it easier to learn about the successful investing strategies of the most successful investor of this era.

Both of these books have contributed to Warren Buffett’s foundational investing strategy. Buffett also worked for Graham in the later years of Graham’s investing career.

If you would like to read them you may get them here:

The Intelligent InvestorSecurity Analysis

We suggest you go through the courses laid out here first so that the ideas covered in those books are a bit easier to follow and understand.

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